Dr. Jadie Ko
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Dr. Ko’s Journey to Medicine
I decided to pursue a career in natural medicine because I was frustrated with how little modern medicine did to relieve my grandmother’s chronic skin condition. She was constantly itchy and restless until she tried acupuncture and Chinese medicine. My grandmother’s recovery was so significant that it inspired me to study naturopathic medicine.
My paradox is that even though I chose to study in a specialty where I will be treating and helping people, it was during my studies that my health was compromised. The amount of stress I experienced led to weight gain, hormonal imbalances, anxiety, depression, digestive issues, and adrenal exhaustion. Near the end of my third year, every day became a struggle to finish my studies because my health was so depleted and out of line. Had I not been using herbal medicines, supplements and counseling as supportive therapies, I would not have had the resilience and energy to complete the program.
After I finished my studies, I applied the knowledge I had gained from naturopathic medical school to rebuild myself and find my passion again. In due time, I regained my energy, lost the extra pounds, felt confident and experienced joy again. I understood and embraced why medicine had become my calling. It is through my own health journey that I realized how much I have to offer others.
Did you know that 80% of doctor visits are stress-related?
I experienced first-hand how stress can adversely impact one’s health. This is why I am committed to helping my patients move past their stress-related health issues, so that they can spend more time doing the things they love while enjoying a happy and fulfilling life. I believe health is a choice and as a medical practitioner, I’m here to support your choice in health.
Tiffany's story
Since being under Dr. Ko’s care, my condition has dramatically improved. I used to feel tired and run down and was struggling with my weight.
Dr. Ko was diligent in finding naturopathic solutions to medical issues. She was also proactive in engaging my medical practitioner to change my thyroid medication, which helped me lose weight by addressing my T3 levels.
I now feel like a new person -- I have more energy and the weight is starting to come off. I have been impressed with Dr. Ko’s knowledge, dedication to the wellness of her patients and her passion for her profession. Anyone seeking a naturopath should definitely seek the care of Dr. Ko.
Lara’s Story
When I first started seeing Dr. Ko, I had many health concerns including frequent bladder infections, PMS, poor digestion as well as anxiety. Dr. Ko took the time to listen to my concerns, and took an individualized approach to figure out the cause of my physical and emotional ailments. After working with Dr. Ko, my health drastically improved; I have not had a bladder infection since, my digestion has far improved and have reached a state of greater psychological well-being. She helped me understand the roots of my symptoms and greatly supported me in my journey to health. She is an extremely authentic, caring, knowledgeable and skilled practitioner and I am forever grateful for everything she has done for me. I highly recommend Dr. Ko to anyone!
Meng-Ling’s Story
Before being treated by Dr. Ko, I had suffered from eczema for about 6 years. I had previously tried to treat my eczema by addressing my diet and removing external irritants but found no long lasting relief. Dr. Ko addressed my immediate concerns and the overall root cause for my eczema through supplementation, diet, and lifestyle changes.
During our appointments, Dr. Ko was always very attentive and interested in improving my overall health as she emphasized the connection between physical, mental, and emotional health. In addition, Dr. Ko always patiently answered any concerns I had to help me gain more understanding about her treatments. After following her recommendations, not only did my eczema improve, but so did my seasonal allergies and emotional health.
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